Instagram Downloader 2.9.0

Use this free program to check out popular photos and download public photos from Instagram

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Instagram Downloader 2.9.0
Instagram Downloader

It all started as a nice thought to add convenience to the users of Instagram, but unfortunately, Instagram Downloader is a software rife with its fair share of problems. Where does it help users? The program will help you with downloading pictures as needed and hosting them on an Instagram account. You can collect all the photos needed through your account, and this software includes a search engine where you can enter the names of the users you want to download your photos. You can also choose to set your privacy options with your account through this program.

How the Privacy Works

The way the privacy options work, if the account in question will allow them, the users you want to see your pictures will have access to them through a link of all the photos hosted within Instagram Download. The utility of this is how it provides you with links for popular categories like, "Photos of the Day," and the most popular pictures found on Instagram.

Not Quite Practical

We'd love to think this program has a lot of practical value, but unfortunately, the reality is a little different. Despite the minimalist interface, the results will quickly appear, and Instagram Downloader ultimately proves highly impractical for the downloading of photos. It doesn't let you download. Instead you will have to attempt to recover the links. After that point, you will carry out copying and pasting and recovery for the pictures. Along with that, you can't preview the pictures, and this software unfortunately suffers from plenty of connection errors that can lead to tons of frustration later.

How to Use the Download Manager

It would have been advantageous if Instagram Downloader had integrated the files from the download manager. Instead of providing a long list with links that can start to feel overwhelming, and the scattered appearance rests in shambles. Those who have the patience for it, you may find that you like to use this software with jDownloader because you can send links using the Instagram Downloader. You do have some practical value, but unfortunately, the people it satisfies are a small crowd that is few and far between.

In all truth, we don't necessarily recommend that you download this software. It just doesn't have the practical value, and you can find much better software out there to help. Instagram Downloader still might satisfy those who make use out of jDownloader, but otherwise, you probably won't have any reason to download this and have it take up space on your computer hard drive. One of the advantages, however, is that it's free so you don't lose anything in trying it out.


  • You can make use out of it easily.
  • It works lightning quick.
  • You can download the Instagram Photos.


  • Sometimes copying and pasting a link can be next to impossible.
  • The program doesn't let you download photos.
  • It's impossible to preview a program.

Instagram is a popular app that allows users share their photos with others quickly and easily. The app is designed to allow users to take quick pictures or choose them from their phone's gallery, apply filters to them and then upload them for viewing by their followers.

If you have ever tried to download a photo off of Instagram, you probably know how difficult and problematic it can be. It is rather hard to retrieve photos when just using a phone - many users have to take screenshots to capture the photo from Instagram. This profoundly affects the quality. Downloading photos onto a computer often entails having to save each picture one-by-one, which can be equally irritating.

Instagram Downloader is a handy app that takes the irritation and stress out of downloading pictures from Instagram. It is a computer program that specifically helps users download pictures from Instagram's servers straight to their computers.

Because Instagram Downloader is essentially a batch URL downloader, the end result after downloading "pictures" from an Instagram account is a text file with a URL that leads to each file on that Instagram account. These URLs can be pasted, in bulk, into a download manager, and the rest of the equation is taken care of by the app. The downloader will then go to work on downloading all pictures on the Instagram account. The process is started by simply entering the Instagram username into the program, and the text file will thereafter be generated with links to all of that account's photos.

If you are still not sure how the URLs are used once they are downloaded, it's easier to understand if you've ever used software such as "DownThemAll!" or "JDownloader". If you have ever used software like this, you know that the URLs can be easily pasted into these programs and that the photos can be quickly downloaded.

As most people would agree, it would be a lot easier if Instagram Downloader came equipped with an automatic downloader of its own. It does not have one, but that still does not stop it from being a very powerful program! Instagram Downloader is the best way to download all of your photos from this popular site in a quick, convenient and fuss-free manner.

Pros and Cons

The positive aspects of Instagram Downloader include:

  • Quickly downloads and exports all URLs of each Instagram photo on an account
  • Quick and convenient
  • Extremely easy to use, even for beginners

The negatives of Instagram Downloader include:

  • Instagram Downloader does not actually download the photos from the account
  • This software requires another application to function correctly

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